Hey there!

My name is Millicent (she/her) and I run this little space called Our Happy Notes. Happy Notes was born after I came out of a 9 month long depressive episode and wanted to give something positive to the world around me. I started posting photos of the notes with kind messages I left for people to find in public; over time I moved into more mental health advocacy and sharing my own experiences with mental illness and neurodiversity (after my diagnosis of autism). Nowadays I continue to share happy notes, mental health advocacy, resources and awareness. I also give talks to youth organisations and am in the process of evolving Our Happy Notes to make more direct action. I would love if you joined me on the journey! You can follow this blog or on Instagram @our.happy.notes.

Our Happy Notes is a based on the idea that:

– small actions to improve mental health and make change matter

– even if you only make a difference to one person, that is amazing

– it’s ok if that one person is you

So that’s the story of how Our Happy Notes came to be, and to top it off here’s five facts about me:

1. I identify, broadly speaking, as gay – but I’m happy to be called queer, lesbian or not-straight. Also acceptable: ‘who-cares’ or ‘it’s-complicated’

2. I love reading, playing the piano, and improving my Spanish

3. I once went to the wrong airport. Not totally sure why this is relevant, I just feel as though it is

4. I’m autistic, and I have anxiety and bipolar 1. I’ve struggled with disordered eating in the past, and I’m a recovering alcoholic

5. Drama and Theatre are my passions

I hope this space might help to support someone else out there!

Do have a look around the website and get involved! If you’d like to publish an article, share a message or a note you’ve made, or just share some thoughts you can contact OHN here. I would definitely encourage you to make your own Happy Note for someone to find to bring a little joy into the day of both you and the receiver.

Much love, Millie. X